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Overactive bladder (OAB) affects millions of women of all ages, and can impact nearly every aspect of daily life, from work performance, to family life, to social interactions. OAB symptoms vary from person to person, but often include:

  • Urgency – An abnormal or sudden need to pass urine that is very hard or impossible to ignore
  • Leakage – Accidentally leaking urine immediately following or during an urgency episode
  • Frequency – Urinating 8 or more times over a 24-hour period

Right now, doctors at select centers in the US are conducting the TRANSFORM Trial, a new research study for women who struggle with OAB. The study is for the Silensa™ System, an investigational device designed to reduce urinary leakage and improve bladder function.

What is the Silensa System?

What causes OAB?

When the bladder system is working properly, nerves in the bladder sense that the bladder is getting full, telling you it’s time to urinate. However, in people with OAB, these sensing nerves in the bladder are overactive, telling you it’s time to urinate before your bladder is full. Your bladder muscle follows by contracting too early, causing the bladder to empty before it should..

The Silensa System

The Silensa System is an investigational device designed to target overactive bladder nerves through a minimally-invasive, outpatient procedure. The Silensa procedure is performed using a cystoscope – a thin tube with a camera that is inserted into the urethra. The Silensa System is attached to the cystoscope, and positioned inside the bladder. Once in place, the Silensa System delivers radiofrequency (heat) energy to disrupt the overactive bladder nerves.

The Silensa System is currently being offered at select centers in the US through a new clinical research study (the TRANSFORM Trial). If you qualify and choose to join the study, you will receive all study-related care at no cost.

Why Participate?

Many women living with Overactive Bladder (OAB) have not experienced lasting relief with medications or other treatments. The Silensa System, an investigational device, is designed to reduce urinary leakage and improve bladder function. If you qualify as a candidate for the TRANSFORM Trial, you will receive:

  • Evaluations of your OAB condition from a participating doctor
  • All study-related care at no cost
  • The opportunity to help advance OAB research to benefit women suffering from OAB

See If You Qualify

To see if you might qualify for the TRANSFORM Trial, and to get connected directly with your local study center to learn more, please complete the pre-screening questionnaire below.